About Us

Esther Tay Studios, a unit of ESTA Singapore, has grown from a 2-person startup to a leading corporate & fashion wear company in last 2 decades.

The key to success is our unique combination of design flair, corporate branding expertise and logistical know-how.

Esther Tay Studios is a online store where you can get all of our Brands, Labels and School uniforms. 

Founded by acclaimed local designer, Esther Tay, our clothing are designed with emphasis on quality and flair. Through rigorous testing and fabric development, Esther Tay Studios firmly believes in using high quality fabrics that provide comfort and style, while withstanding the rigors of daily wear.

Introducing our Collections →


A modern contemporary fashion label crafted for ladies. Combining both modern and classic silhouettes, design & styles to create an elevated look and experience for our ladies. 


R2W is our premium office and work wear collection. Using quality fabrics as our base, R2W has multiple pieces that combines the elements classic and modern work wear that can be used daily for a hassle free experience. 


School uniforms for students who are in School of Engineering ITE.